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Philosophy and Identity

The Antico Colle estate is located amongst the vast hills of the Tuscan countryside, at the heart of the green vineyards of Montepulciano’s Vino Nobile wine-growing area. Three generations of the Frangiosa family have dedicated themselves with boundless passion to the cultivation of their vines, and it is thanks precisely to this continuity of knowledge passed down from father to son, that the “Antico Colle” label is born and known for the production of vintage wines. he concept of the “Terroir” or the “genuineness” is the main motivating force behind the production of a certain type of wine. Research and the value placed on the standards of the discipline resulting in the truly autochthonous nature of the vines, places “Antico Colle” amongst the estates that most respect the wine producing culture of the area. The underlying philosophy is founded on love of and a passion for the wine-making profession. Every detail ismeticulously attended to, starting from the work undertaken in the vineyards themselves where the natural growth process of the vine is respected to the maximum. The same care is subsequently applied to the work performed in the wine cellars, starting from the wine-making, to the process of aging, and finally the bottling and packaging. Processes that are certainly helped by the use of technology, but which, at “Antico Colle”, still employ the kind of personal zeal typical of a certain wine-making tradition. “Antico Colle” has brought to market a product that boasts both outstanding quality and authenticity. The owners of “Antico Colle” closely supervise even the selection of the various partnerships necessary to complete the production process and the distribution of the product and the “brand”. That’s why the sale of the product through the large distribution channels and places with little respect for Antico Colle’s production philosophy are thus excluded in advance.

..boundless passion to the cultivation of vines.

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